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The Client:


KPMG is a global company that belongs to the “big four” accounting firms. They have a network of professional services in their branches worldwide, with more than 200,000 employees in 147 countries. KPMG offers financial audit, tax, and advisory services to their customers.

The Goal:

Maximize Engagement

KPMG Canada boasts a highly skilled marketing team that collaborates internally with their accountants and advisors to deliver valuable insights to both clients and prospects through comprehensive thought leadership papers.

Seeking strategic guidance and creative support to enhance target engagement for an upcoming thought leadership paper, KPMG’s marketing team reached out to Fox Consulting.

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The Approach:

Craft Clear Digital Info for Clarity!

Initially, Fox Consulting Digital’s content marketers conducted an extensive analysis of the digital maturity of industrial companies throughout Canada. The resulting whitepaper, titled “Thriving in a Digital World,” underwent a transformation by our designers, being presented in both PDF and hardcopy formats, as per the client’s conventional preferences.

Given the abundance of whitepapers in the industry, breaking through the clutter becomes challenging. Thus, we decided to deviate from tradition.

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The Strategy:

Create Value-Driven Content

Our team of designers, content marketers, and developers revamped the original whitepaper, converting it into a user-friendly digital format. The digital whitepaper introduces several notable enhancements, including:

  • Responsive design catering to desktop, tablet, and mobile users.
  • Increased use of visuals and icons.
  • Streamlined content with fewer words to convey key points.

The Result:

Enhanced Interaction Across the Platform

The “Thriving in a Digital World” whitepaper and the personalized Digital Readiness Assessment have notably heightened target engagement. Since the initiation of the Readiness Assessment in early 2020, there have been 500 downloads.
In essence, both the whitepaper and Digital Readiness Survey underscore KPMG’s commitment to delivering customizable information and actionable insights tailored to the needs of clients and prospects.

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