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The Client:


Launched in 2018, FlexOffice is a rapidly growing provider of thoughtfully designed office spaces across Switzerland. Despite prime locations and a strong team, potential customers struggled to perceive the true value. Creative Supply intervened, partnering with FlexOffice to elevate their brand through impactful storytelling, streamlined product communication, and the development of a robust digital presence from scratch.

The Goal:

Rebuild to the Top

FlexOffice, a rapidly expanding company providing thoughtfully designed office spaces in Switzerland, sought to enhance its brand visibility and customer acquisition. Despite having prime locations and a strong team, the challenge was to communicate the true value of its offerings to potential customers.

the approach
The Approach:

Customer Centric Branding

Creative Supply partnered with FlexOffice to elevate its brand through strategic brand storytelling, effective product communication, and the development of a robust digital presence. The goal was to shift the brand positioning from a mere “office rental provider” to a more customer-centric “workspace membership” model.

The Strategy:

Customized and Easy-To-Update Content

FlexOffice’s strategic overhaul encompassed a multi-faceted approach. Beginning with a profound brand repositioning, the shift from a product-centric to a customer-centric “workspace membership” model aimed to underscore the unique business proposition. Key elements include

  • Shift to a customer-centric “workspace membership” model
  • Visual identity upgrade with refined logos and diverse color palette
  • Comprehensive website redesign for enhanced user experience
  • Multi-language integration for a globally consistent brand
  • Flexible modules for seamless future scalability.

The Result:

Less Time Wasted and More Leads

The implementation of the new brand narrative, refined product communication, and an engaging website design led to a significant increase in customer leads from the web.
FlexOffice now stands out in a competitive market, and the collaboration with Creative Supply continues to yield positive results.

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