Camp Lakota

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The Client:

Camp Lakota

Since 1924, Camp Lakota has provided a nurturing and supportive environment for all our campers. Each Lakota camper is a unique individual. Lakota’s dedicated and outstanding staff, dynamic programs, beautiful grounds and lake delivers a most memorable summer camp experience!

The Goal:

New Paid Strategy & Website to Improve Performance

Camp Lakota approached Fox Consulting, looking to improve the performance of their digital ads, audience targeting strategies, and the efficiency of their Paid Social and Paid Search campaigns. Along with revamping and redeveloping their website. The goal of this engagement was to improve their paid strategy and drive new camp leads through the campaign. Meanwhile we were building their new site to be consistent with their brand.

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The Approach:

Here’s How We Did It

Fox recommended an adaptive strategy for Paid Social and Paid Search, which included:

Rebuilding and starting from scratch. Fox redesigned the look and feel of Paid ads with both design and copy using a strategy that monitored and adapted to audience behavior. Taking brand awareness and top-of-funnel efforts far and wide
and leveraging new targeting strategies on search.

Fox made bid adjustments and keyword optimizations to Paid Search ads, while also reallocated budget toward top-performing audiences and campaigns. By focusing on user intent and audience behaviors and making real-time adjustments, the Lakota team saw immediate results.

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The Strategy:

The Website

Through intense collaboration with the Fox design and marketing team, Fox created a sleek, new website that effectively merged design with results. The Fox team started with designing a polished and efficient navigation that clearly highlighted core values of Camp Lakota, while providing numerous opportunities for potenital campers to convert throughout the website. Fox focused strongly on improving the UX of the website to ensure Lakota saw improvements in overall engagement.

The Result:

Improved Performance and CRO

Fox’s paid marketing strategies generated over 200 leads in 3 months. Not only was Fox able to help increase lead generation through their paid approach and emphasize the well-roundedness of their brand, our team was also able to provide them with tangible results. The Camp continues to enhance their brand through their website to provide a compelling, and seamless user journey experience.

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