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The Client:


Bonfire is a technology firm specializing in the development of software that simplifies bidding and Request for Proposal (RFP) evaluations for companies. Their platform facilitates enhanced collaboration between procurement teams and stakeholders, fostering stronger relationships and a sense of teamwork.

The Goal:

A Website Transformation

The client faced challenges with a WordPress theme that hindered seamless updates and adaptability to their evolving needs. This predicament led to time loss, frustration, and an uneven user experience throughout the site.
Fox Consulting was enlisted to spearhead the reconstruction of the website on the WordPress platform. The primary objectives included crafting easily updatable pages, implementing user-friendly page banners, and establishing a versatile media library.

Additionally, the rebuild aimed to elevate the website to meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards, ensuring accessibility for all users.

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The Approach:

Grasping and Crafting Tailored Solutions

In our early conversations with the client, we delved into the frequency of their content updates, their customary updating procedures, and identified ways to streamline the process for them.

The client presented a distinct vision for the appearance of their new website. Furnished with their in-house designs, our development team meticulously translated them into a pixel-perfect rendition using custom code. Our approach to constructing the website was twofold: we envisioned it from the perspective of digital marketers responsible for content updates and from the viewpoint of users navigating the site.

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The Strategy:

Tailored and User-Friendly Content Management

In order to align each section of the website with the client’s specifications, we meticulously constructed every page through custom coding in the backend, adhering closely to the provided designs. Within the WordPress framework, we ensured that the client could easily edit each section using plain text and a selection of options within customized modules. These modules are designed for flexibility, allowing updates to be made over time to accommodate any evolving needs of the company.

The Result:

Streamlined Operations for Maximum Impact

The reconstruction of the Bonfire website has significantly improved the workflow for content updates, saving valuable time for the client. Empowering the client with resources and flexibility, they can now independently create and modify pages and headers without the need to engage a developer each time.
This newfound autonomy is especially beneficial for their marketing team. With this efficiency boost, the client can redirect their energy towards crafting impactful campaigns, generating more leads for their sales team, and fostering overall company growth.

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